Connie cares deeply about our community and is committed to working together to be sure our state is a better place.

Our community, bounded by the Mississippi River, cares about clean water and an clean environment. Read more about Connie’s dedication to the environment.

Education is opportunity and all children and Minnesotans deserve world-class education and job training program to get a good-paying job. Read more about her commitment to education.

Minnesota is known for its good government. And the backbone of that good government is fair elections. Connie supports reforming state government to make it more accountable.

Connie believes all Minnesotans deserve access to quality health care they can afford. Minnesota ought to take advantage of the options available to it and develop a system that covers all Minnesotans for all of their medical need. Read more.

In Minnesota, transportation is a bread butter issue for economic development. It’s an economic driving force. We need a statewide transportation system that works for Minnesotans and Minnesota businesses everywhere.