Let’s work together to protect our environment and provide clean water to future generations.

Boundary Waters
“I am committed to protecting our environment now and for future generations. That is why I stand with the Governor on protecting our our environment. We must not take risks that could harm the Boundary Waters Wilderness,” Connie said. “We must protect our environment from the threat of copper and sulfide mining polluting our environment and ensure clean water for generations to come. We must protect our wetlands and water resources throughout our state.”

Springbrook Nature Center
When storm water and pollutant runoff threatened the wetlands, plants and animals at Springbrook, she brought together Republicans, Democrats and even an Independent Governor to pass clean water funding that helped our community restore Springbrook’s wetlands. It was the first urban wetland restoration of its kind in the US.

Working with the community, Connie was chief author and passed into law, with Democrats and Republicans, $5 million funding to build a new visitor center and facility for Springbrook Nature Center.

Clean Water
Water is one of our state’s most precious resources and is vital to our economy and way of life. In the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” Minnesotans expect and deserve clean, water and soil. Many of our lakes, rivers, and streams are unsafe to drink from or swim in and portions of our soil is contaminated. That’s why she will continue to fight for citizen oversight to protect our environment. and bring people together to find solutions to clean up our water and soil to ensure future generations in our community and through out Minnesota have clean water and soil.

Citizen Advisory Group
Oversight is important and that is why I worked with the US Environmental Protection Agency to start up a Citizen Advisory Group for the superfund sites in our community. The community deserved straight answers.