Let’s work together to reform government so it works for all Minnesotans

Connie supports reforming state government and institutions to make it more accountable to Minnesotans. That is why she stands for and with Minnesota families and working Minnesotans. We must ensure a level playing field that provides everyone and opportunity to succeed. Corporations and the wealthy need to pay their fair share to support our great state and nation.

That is why she helped launch, along with US Senator Bernie Sanders, the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) to advance progressive policies across the country. We progressives at SiX have a long-term vision of building progressive power and infrastructure at the state level. We are working to advance and defend policies that support working families, protect the environment, promote civil rights, and strengthen our democracy.

Let’s work together to take back our elections.

Connie supports election reform and taking back our government. She supports creating elections that are transparent, inclusive, and give a voice to all Minnesotans. We must work to bring more people into our democratic process. That is why it was so wonderful so many in our community attended precinct caucuses. She is working with her colleagues to modernize our presidential primary system and make it and precinct caucuses more accessible to everyone. We must do all we can to be inclusive and support everyone in this grassroots process.

Along with my colleagues we are working to get rid of secret campaign contributions by requiring special interest groups to disclose their spending and big donors to the public. Minnesota voters deserve to know who spends money to try to influence state policies.

Connie is an author of the Minnesota DISCLOSE Act. The “Minnesota DISCLOSE (Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections) Act” is a constitutional amendment that would reform the state’s campaign finance system by shining a light on the dark money spent in elections, guaranteeing voters a right to know who is paying to influence their vote.

Connie is also the chief author of the Early Voting Elections Bill. This bill would modernize our elections system and make it more accessible for all Minnesotans to vote and have their voice heard.

Connie has served on the Youth and Government Board of Directors.